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SafeWork SA Library catalogue links you to an extensive collection of resources on all aspects of working life including work health and safety, wellbeing, industrial relations, return to work, management, professional and personal development.

The catalogue is accessible to everyone but if you would like to borrow a resource from the collection you must live or work in South Australia to become a member.

Contact us viap. 8204 8877  e.

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Library news

New version of the Load Restraint Guide released
An updated version of the load restraint guide for heavy vehicles and a new guide for light vehicles have been released by the National Transport Commission.
Free video-streaming available
All Library members can 'borrow DVDs' without having to pick them up or return them to the Library. The VOCAM videos on the SafeWork SA catalogue are available for streaming to your screen. To see the titles available go to the Streaming Service tab.