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You are welcome to search our extensive collection of resources on all aspects of working life, including work health and safety, industrial relations, professional and personal development, management, workers compensation, rehabilitation and return-to-work.

The catalogue is accessible to everyone but if you would like to borrow a resource from the collection you must live or work in South Australia to become a member.

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We've noticed that accessing this library catalogue via Internet Explorer is causing the pages to not load correctly. This issue has been flagged with our vendor, but in the interim we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers to access the catalogue.

Australian Dangerous Goods Code - new edition
The Australian dangerous goods code is updated every two years, with a one year transition period for each edition.  To comply with the legislation you must follow one of the applicable editions listed on the National Transport Commission website.  The current edition 7.4 is applicable until 28 February 2018. Edition 7.5 is applicable from 1 March 2017.  

More information is available here