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kNOw cancer risks at work video [online]

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Industry experts, OH&S professionals and academics gathered in Sydney in May 2015, for the ‘kNOw your cancer risks at work’ forum, hosted by Cancer Council Australia. The event focused on occupational cancer risks within Australia and abroad, namely those associated with diesel engine exhaust, asbestos, pesticides, firefighting and shift work. Other topics included the burden of occupational cancer, epidemiology, workplace cancer clusters, exposure modelling and the Australian WHS regulatory framework.

Below is a selection of filmed presentations from the day.

Occupational cancer in Europe - working towards solutions
Occupational exposure to carcinogens in Australia
Constructively dealing with concerns about cancer clusters
Australian national strategic plan for asbestos management
Renovating or demolishing? Some guidance on how to mitigate exposing yourself and those around you to asbestos
Asbestos awareness research
Lifetime risk of lung cancer in Australian workers
Health impacts of particulate matter in diesel emissions
Firefighters' compensation and presumptive legislation
Occupational cancer: What are the rules we are playing by and do they need reform?

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