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The industrial environment : its evaluation and control [online]

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Internet only - free access
3rd ed.
x, 719 p. ; 29 cm.
Washington, D.C.: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Electronic resource
Includes chapters on: The significance of the occupational environment as part of the total ecological system; Review of mathematics, chemistry, biorchemistry and physiology; Industrial toxicology; Principles and use of standards of quality for the work environment; The significance and uses of guides, codes, regulations, and standards for chemical and physical agents; General principles in evaluating the occupational environment; Instruments and techniques used in calibrating sampling equipment; Preparation of known concentrations of air contaminants; Sampling air for particulates; Sampling and analysis of gases and vapours; Direct reading instruments for determining concentrations of aerosols, gases and vapours; Medical aspects of the occupational environment; Separation processes in analytical chemistry; Physics of sound; Physiology of hearing; Emission spectroscopy; Noise measurement and acceptability criteria; Vibration; Non-ionising radiation; Ionising radiation; Physiology of heat stress; Thermal standards and measurement techniques; Ergonomic aspects of biomechanics; The influence of industrial contaminants on the respiratory system; Occpuational dermatoses - their recognition, control and prevention; Principles of controlling the occupational environment; Personal protective devices; Control of noise exposure; Control of exposures to heat and cold; Principles of ventilation; Instruments and techniques used in evaluating the performance of air flow systems; Local exhaust systems; Design of ventilation systems; Control of industrial stack emissions, water emissions and solid waste; Control of community noise from industrial sources; Design and operation of occupational health programs in Governmental Agencies; and Industrial hygiene survey checklist.
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