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[ARCHIVED] Ergonomic investigation of two types of fruit picking bags [online]

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Shepparton, Vic.: Recovre
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Project investigated, using an ergonomic systems approach, the physical work demands of picking fruit using 2 different types of fruit picking bags. These 2 types were the conventional over-the-shoulder type vs. the ergonomic supported device developed by Leon Revill (Synergenomics). Four pickers participated in the trial, which was conducted by Annette Jakob of Recovre Pty Ltd. Through factors external to the control of the researcher at the time of the study, the scope/design of the investigation evolved into a single case trial (on separate days) of the two types of picking bags. In general, results showed that the new design picking bag reduced action level and weight carried at the shoulder, although there were some drawbacks in ease of movement. Recommendations for future include conducting an electromyography study, test over longer time period with correct fitting, and a more extensive usability trial.
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