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Towards a regulatory regime for safe design [online] : a review of regulatory approaches and enforcement strategies

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112 p.
Canberra, A.C.T.: Australian National University
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This report builds on previous reports commissioned by NOHSC as part of its Safe Design Project, including Gunningham et al. (2000) and provides a sound basis for exploring possible future directions for regulation and enforcement, to lead and encourage safe design in Australia. The report is structured to address regulation relevant to four types of designed-products: (1) plant; (2) buildings, structures and other construction projects; (3) business systems; and (4) workplace substances. It considers existing Australian OHS law and its enforcement relevant to design, outlines the current arrangements and discusses some of the gaps and weaknesses. A comparison is made to relevant international law and provides some examples of alternative approaches that can help inform the process of developing an Australian regulation framework. The report concludes by drawing together some broad guiding principles and elements for consideration in developing a regulatory regime for safe design.
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