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[ARCHIVED] Handling spring water bottles [online] : injury prevention through good work practices

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Internet only - free access
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Unley, S. Aust.: Spring Water Association
Electronic resource
Publications previously produced by SafeWork SA and WorkCoverSA, referencing superseded South Australian legislation, are made available online via this Library catalogue. This title may include links to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available. 

A learning package about injury prevention when handling spring water bottles. The aims of this training are:
  • To understand how your body is made to work and how it isn't made to work
  • Relate this to good work practices and injury prevention
  • To apply these work practices to water delivery
  • Provide safe ideas for the manual handling involved in water delivery
  • Identify how to problem solve different handling situations
  • Provide information on stretching exercises to use as a 'warm up to work' 

The contents includes: Common causes of injury, Backs, Ankles and knees, Shoulders, Principles of manual handling, Tips for handling bottles, Driving posture, Exercises and Key points.
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