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Health guidelines for personal care and body art industries [online]

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Melbourne, Vic.: Victorian Government Department of Human Services
Electronic resource
Assists those involved in the personal care and body art industry to comply with the Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 2001 by providing information on: (1) how infection can be associated with the procedures employed in the industry,and (2) precautions to protect clients and employees. The guidelines are designed around a risk management approach to the transmission of infection from client to client, client to operator, and operator to client. The guidelines also provide information on general matters that may be useful to the industry in performing its practices, and on infection control in general.

The guidelines are divided into the following three parts.

Part A: General information on infection (transmission and prevention); regulations related to the establishment of business premises; occupational health and safety issues; and details on how to clean, disinfect and sterilise instruments and equipment used to perform personal care and body art industry procedures.

Part B: A consideration of the personal care and body art industry under five general headings:
(1) beauty therapy procedures, including waxing, facials and nail treatments
(2) physical therapies, including massage, solariums and spas
(3) hairdressing
(4) body art, including tattooing and body piercing
(5) colonic irrigation.

Part C: General information on risk analysis and management, to assist proprietors and operators to develop policies and procedures to improve infection control and prevention practices.

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