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Assessment guidelines for national occupational health and safety certification standard for users and operators of industrial equipment [online]

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Canberra, A.C.T.: NOHSC
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Applies primarily to assessments of applicants for National OHS certificates issued by OHS certifying authorities in accordance with the National OHS Certification Standard for users and operators of industrial equipment. Assessors assessing the OHS competence of applicants for these certificates must be registered by a certifying authority, usually an OHS authority, and conduct the assessment in accordance with the principles and processes outlined in these guidelines and in accordance with the assessment instruments for the relevant certificate class.

They are also designed to assist assessors who are assessing the OHS competence of operators of loadshifting equipment covered by the National Guidelines for OHS Standards for the operation of loadshifting and other types of specified equipment. In these cases assessors may be assessing the OHS competence of intending operators of loadshifting equipment. This can be for the purpose of issuing certificates required by a particular OHS authority (Appendix F), or for conducting an assessment as part of requirements for a vocational education and training qualification issued in accordance with requirements of a State or Territory training recognition body.
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