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Working safer and easier [online] : for janitors, custodians and housekeepers

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Sacramento, Calif.: Department of Industrial relations, Cal/OSHA Consultation Service
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Janitors, custodians, and others who work in the cleaning industry need a safe and healthful workplace. A series of fact sheets have been developed to be used by companies of any size and in places such as schools and universities, office buildings, apartments, and rental properties. They may also be used by housekeeping services for hospitals, hotels, and motels.

These include:
- Tips for Managers (fact sheets 1-8) are intended to provide business owners, managers, and supervisors with helpful tips for managing the staff and the workload. It may increase productivity in a safe and healthful way.
- The remaining fact sheets are intended for owners, managers, and supervisors to use when training employees during new employee orientation, tailgate meetings, classroom training, and whenever sharing of information is useful:
- General Guidelines (fact sheets 9-15) address various topics to help increase awareness of the most common workplace hazards. They give ideas for greater efficiency and the prevention of injuries.
- Using Ergonomics (fact sheets 16-33) address specific tasks and the risks involved. They feature ways of using equipment and best work practices.
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