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Active ageing [online]: a policy framework

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59 p. ; 30 cm.
Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization
Electronic resource
This Policy Framework is intended to inform discussion and the formulation of action plans that promote healthy and active ageing. It was developed by WHO’s Ageing and Life Course Programme as a contribution to the Second United Nations World Assembly on Ageing, held in April 2002, in Madrid, Spain.

Part 1 describes the rapid worldwide growth of the population over age 60, especially in developing countries.
Part 2 explores the concept and rationale for 'active ageing' as a goal for policy and programme formulation.
Part 3 summarizes the evidence about the factors that determine whether or not individuals and populations will enjoy a positive quality of life as they age.
Part 4 discusses seven key challenges associated with an ageing population for governments, the nongovernmental, academic and private sectors.
Part 5 provides a policy framework for active ageing and concrete suggestions for key policy proposals. These are intended to serve as a baseline for the development of more specific action steps at regional,
national and local levels in keeping with the action plan adopted by the 2002 Second United Nations World Assembly on Ageing.
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