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Haz-Map database [online] : information on hazardous chemicals and occupational diseases

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Internet only - free access
2020 -
Electronic resource
A relational database of occupational toxicology accessible on the National Library of Medicine (US) website 2002-2019 and now at Collects into one database the best information available regarding occupational exposures and diseases and supports the early recognition and prevention of work-related diseases. Links chemicals to occupational diseases, in which causality has been established by current scientific evidence.

The information in Haz-Map comes from textbooks, journal articles, the Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values (published by ACGIH), and electronic databases such as NLM's Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB®). Haz-Map staff classifies, summarizes, and regularly updates the information found in the database. The author of Haz-Map is Jay A. Brown, MD, MPH, Board Certified in Occupational Medicine, consultant for the US Department of Labor.
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