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Age-related changes in work ability and injury risk in underground and open-cut miners [online]

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xi, 162 p. ; 30 cm.
Brisbane, Qld.: Queensland University of Technology
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The ageing of the Australian workforce poses particular challenges to the coalmining industry, in which 60% of the workforce is aged over 40. Preventing injury, reducing its impact, and maintaining good health in an older workforce requires better understanding of the relationships between the capacities of the older worker, the nature of the work demands, and specific injury and health issues.

This project is the first study to address these issues in the Australian coal-mining industry. The objectives of the study were to:
a) determine the match between work demands and work ability in Australian coal mine employees of different ages;
b) determine any differences in medically related factors that may affect work ability and any influence of sector (open-cut vs. underground) and occupational category; and
c) characterise those older miners who have high levels of work ability and low rates of injury, in terms of work history, individual attributes, and work patterns.
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