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Review of the South Australian workers' compensation system [online] : report

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Adelaide, S. Aust.: PricewaterhouseCoopers
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According to its terms of reference, a major task for this Review s to consider the WorkCover November proposals and to make recommendations to the Minister for Industrial Relations about these proposals, including modifications of and alternatives to them, having regard to certain stipulated objectives.

These objectives are that:
  • injured workers should receive fair and equitable financial and other support that should be delivered efficiently and equitably and enable the earliest possible return to work;
  • the average employer levy rate should be reduced and contained within the range of 2.25% to 2.75% by July 1 2009; and
  • the scheme should be fully funded as soon as practicable having regard to the above objectives.

These objectives are supplemented by other elements of the terms of reference which include attention to the balance between equitable provision for the needs of injured South Australian workers and scheme affordability for South Australian employers as well as the adequacy and efficiency of incentives for employers for injury and illness prevention and the effective rehabilitation and return to work of injured and ill workers.
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