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Musicians' hearing protection [online] : a review

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viii, 51 p.
Sudbury, Suffolk: HSE
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The music and entertainment industry is unique in that high noise levels are often regarded as an essential element
for the enjoyment of people attending concerts and live music events. However, there is a risk of hearing damage for
people working in the music and entertainment industry, including musicians. One of the methods used to reduce noise
exposure is the use of appropriate hearing protection. Many different types of hearing protection have been marketed
for musicians including premoulded earplugs, custom-moulded earplugs and in-ear monitors. In order to support the
Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) understanding of this issue, the types of hearing protection available to musicians
were identified. Telephone interviews were then conducted with nineteen professional musicians to collect information
on: the type of hearing protection (if any) musicians are currently using; musicians’ attitudes to hearing protection
including whether they think it is, or it can be, effective and whether it allows them to do their job effectively; and the
factors musicians consider important when choosing hearing protection.
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