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Grain augers industry safety standard [online]

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Lisarow, N.S.W.: WorkCover NSW
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In the four years to June 2005, there were at least seven serious incidents involving grain augers. A national compliance program in 2005 indicated only 60 per cent of new grain augers in NSW and 33 per cent of used grain augers had guards and safety devices fitted. Every year, farmers and other users face serious injuries to their limbs and body through coming into contact with rotating augers that are not properly guarded.

The use of grain augers is a hazardous operation. Given there was no practical guidance available for their design and use an industry safety standard was developed and published in April 2007.

Together with its industry partners, WorkCover implemented six-month transitional arrangements from 30 April 2007 to 30 October 2007. During this period advice and assistance was provided to manufacturers, designers, users and other duty holders on implementing the requirements of this industry safety standard.
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