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Pandemic flu [online] guidance

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London, U.K.: Dept. of Health
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Everyone will be involved in the fight against pandemic influenza (flu) in terms of managing the impact it will have on society and preventing further spread of the infection.This website explains how businesses can help reduce the spread of flu. it provides information to allow businesses to assess the types of measures that may be used in their particular occupational setting. However, it is not possible to outline detailed pandemic influenza infection control guidance for every occupation or to cover every conceivable scenario where a person might be exposed to the risk of infection from flu. With this in mind, this simple and generic guidance has been developed to raise awareness of the measures that may be employed to reduce the spread of the flu virus at work. it aims to: - allow businesses to evaluate potential situations where there may be possible exposure to the flu virus - describe the steps that can be taken to moderate any potential exposure to the flu virus in the workplace - set out the measures that might be used to reduce the spread of the flu virus in the workplace - provide a matrix that can be used to consider the best ways of reducing the spread of flu in a work environment - put into context the relative value of personal protective equipment, including the wearing of face masks, when compared with other environmental and organisational approaches.
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