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An ergonomics guide for hospital laundries [online]

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viii, 61 p. ;
Vancouver, B.C.: OHSAH
Electronic resource
Provides practical information on how to make a hospital laundry room a safer place to work, including working through the ergonomics process, detecting MSI risks and implementing effective control measures to prevent injury in a hospital laundry facility.
It is divided into five parts:
Part 1: Introduction summarizes key points and defines a few terms.
Part 2: Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI) provides information on MSI, including common signs and symptoms, stages, risk factors, and how to determine if there a risk of MSI in your laundry department.
Part 3: General Laundry Controls describes laundry controls for general risk factors, including force, repetition, awkward postures, static postures, and contact stress.
Part 4: Controls for Specific Laundry Tasks describes risk factors and controls for specific laundry tasks. It includes sections on laundry bins, laundry bags, sorting dirty laundry, washing and drying, folding laundry, laundry carts, storage shelves, laundry chutes, bagless laundry systems, and environmental hazards.
Part 5: Implementation and Evaluation provides information on implementing and evaluating a successful MSI program in your laundry department.
This guide also contains Appendices, including a signs and symptoms survey, a risk factor identification checklist, a summary of WCB ergonomics requirements, an implementation guideline, a stretching routine, and a reference list.
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