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Code of practice on preventing accidents to children and young persons in agriculture [online]

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Dublin, Ireland: Health and Safety Authority
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The farm is one of the most dangerous workplaces with one of the highest fatal accident rates of any employment. Because farms are homes as well as workplaces, there are frequently children and young persons in this high-risk environment, either in the family or as visitors. This means children and young persons are at risk of death or injury on farms.
This Code of Practice applies to all children and young persons who may be present on a farm, whether:- Employed; Working on the family farm or that of a relative or friend
; Family member; or Visitor.

In addition, this Code of Practice applies only to on-farm work activities and their potential impact on children. It does not deal with other activities, such as driving tractors and other machinery on the public roads, which are covered under Road Traffic legislation.
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