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Occupational health and safety

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xix, 367 p. ; 25 cm.
Farnham, Surrey : Gower Publishing Limited
This book emphasizes the psychological and behavioral aspects of risk in organizations. It highlights how organizations differ in their health and safety performance, with case studies throughout and best practices. Key elements focus on: employee selection and training, fostering employee understanding, participation and engagement in health and safety matters, developing a health and safety culture at organizational and group/work unit levels, communicating and reinforcing safe workplace practices and benchmarking one's organization against the industry leaders. The contributors to this volume come from various countries, reflecting unique interest and knowledge in particular areas.

Chapter 1 - Building a safe and healthy workplace
Chapter 2 - The business case for occupational safety, health, environment and beyond
Chapter 3 - Reporting and investigating accidents: recognizing the tip of the iceberg
Chapter 4 - Accident proneness : back in vogue
Chapter 5 - Injury proneness
Chapter 6 - Painful hours? The potential costs of extra work hours and schedule inflexibility to workers' physical well-being
Chapter 7 - Workplace bullying: a toxic part of organizational life
Chapter 8 - Violence in the workplace
Chapter 9 - Psychological and behavioral aspects of occupational safety and health in the US coal mining industry
Chapter 10 - Psychosocial and organizational factors in offshore safety
Chapter 11 - Safety and risk in transportation
Chapter 12 - Job stress and pesticide exposure among immigrant Latino farm workers
Chapter 13 - Psychosocial risks and positive factors among construction workers
Chapter 14 - A variegated approach to occupational safety
Chapter 15 - The best practices for managing return to work following mental health problems at work.
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