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No sprains, big gains [online] : reducing the risk of manual tasks injuries in the workplace video

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Brisbane, Qld. : Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
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It pays to be safe and healthy at work. Many employers and workers become complacent about manual tasks without any thought of it in their respective workplaces. But each year hundreds of Queenslanders injure themselves and fail to realise that their actions today can affect their lives tomorrow. This film is about providing a solution by using the newly developed PErforM tool, which is designed to assist employers, safety officers and workers with a practical resource. It is a straightforward and easy to understand process to identify, manage and reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries in the everyday workplace. The video features interviews with two workers who have suffered soft tissue injuries at work, highlighting how the injuries have changed their lives, as well as an account from a doctor who has treated many people with musculoskeletal injuries caused from work. The explanation of the five risk factors involved in manual tasks removes some of the myths surrounding manual tasks assessment and management. The simple risk assessment tool is shown with a case study example that any workplace could replicate. We encourage everyone in the community to make a personal commitment to improving workplace safety and making sure you, your workers and loved ones come home each day without injury. Download the film and show it to people in your workplace. Only a positive change in work processes can make a difference.
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