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Chemical safety [DVD]

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DVD 363.17 SAFc pt.1-2
1 videodisc (DVD) (15 min.) + 1 training guide ; 20 p. ; 30 cm.
Malvern East, Vic.: Safetycare Australia
Every workplace, office, factory, warehouse or plant, uses chemicals to some extent or other. Chemicals range from mild cleaning agents through to highly corrosive, flammable and poisonous substances that are used for different processes and applications. Fungicides, insecticides, solvents, acids and radio-active materials are representative of some of the chemical groups that are used in industry today which present many hazards.

This program includes:
- Details on chemical entry into the body
- The dose and hazards
- Fire and explosion
- Environmental pollution
- Control measures including elimination, substitution, isolation, ventilation and monitoring of contaminant levels
- Personal hygiene, good housekeeping and the wearing of appropriate personnal protective equipment
- Storage and transportation
- Evaluation of handling and storage methods.

The safe handling and storage of all chemicals regardless of where they are used requires a commitment by everyone to follow safe work procedures. The realisation of the risks and an ongoing program to minimise the hazards will reduce accidents and make your workplace a safer workplace. 15 minutes.
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DVD 363.17 SAFc pt.1-2
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