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[ARCHIVED] Civil construction safety guides [online]

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Internet only - free access
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Adelaide, S. Aust.: WorkCover Corporation
Electronic resource
Publications previously produced by SafeWork SA and WorkCoverSA, referencing superseded South Australian legislation, are made available online via this Library catalogue. This title may include links to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available. 

A set of 34 user friendly safety guides on the most common high risk activities in the civil construction industry. 

Guide 1: Operating Plant. Guide 2: Lifting & Slinging. Guide 3: Powered Small Plant. Guide 4: Manual Handling. Guide 5: Working Near Plant. Guide 6: Underground & Overhead Services. Guide 7: Trenching & Excavations. Guide 8: Hazardous Substances. Guide 9: Use of Laser Survey Equipment. Guide 10: Working Over or Near Water. Guide 11: Working Near Traffic. Guide 12: Working at Heights / Fall Prevention. Guide 13: Scaffolding - Fixed / Mobile. Guide 14: Use of Electrical Equipment. Guide 15: Welding & Cutting. Guide 16: Use of Ladders. Guide 17: Compressed Air / Explosive Power Tools. Guide 18: Concrete Pumping. Guide 19: Remote & Isolated Work. Guide 20: Use of Hand & Power Tools. Guide 21: Personal Protective Equipment - Care, Maintenance & Use. Guide 22: Heat Stress. Guide 23: Housekeeping / Access & Egress. Guide 24: Traffic Management. Guide 25: Plant Maintenance. Guide 26: Isolation Procedures. Guide 27: Sunburn & Skin Cancer. Guide 28: Communicable Disease / Personal Hygiene. Guide 29: Drugs & Alcohol. Guide 30: Material Stacking & Storage. Guide 31: Demolition. Guide 32: Asbestos. Guide 33: Noise. Guide 34: Confined Space.
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