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Preventing violence among employees of the same work organization [online] : evaluation of a participatory intervention

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Montreal, Quebec : IRSST Publications
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Violence in the workplace, and more specifically, violence among employees of the same work organization, constitutes an issue of growing social concern in terms of occupational health and safety, particularly with Québec's recent adoption of a legislative framework to counter the phenomenon through the amendment of labour standards. Yet to date, very little theoretical or practical knowledge exists on the usefulness or effectiveness of the measures implemented to prevent this violence and reduce its impacts on the health and safety of the exposed personnel.

The originality of this research lies in its participatory intervention process, which was carried out in the workplace, was solidly grounded in rigorous theoretical and methodological foundations, and underwent systematic evaluation using a recognized evaluation model. The main objective of the study was to evaluate an intervention involving correctional officers as our previous research had shown that organizational factors were associated with interpersonal violence among employees of this work organization. The intervention involved having employees and their supervisors identify the organizational work demands at the root of this violence, as well as possible solutions for stopping and preventing the phenomenon.

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