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In it for the long haul [online] : the Tiffany Ward story video

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Internet only - free access
13 min.
Brisbane, Qld. : Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
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Tiffany's film is about making sure that young workers are able to return home safely to family and friends at the end of their working day. All workers and employers need to be aware of the unique risk profile young people have which makes them vulnerable in the workplace. At 18, Tiffany Ward was severely injured at work when both of her arms were caught in a potato processing auger. This film highlights the traumatic impacts of the incident. It describes Tiffany's battle to live with the financial, physical and emotional consequences of her injury.

Now 22 and married to Matt with two children, Tiffany has shown incredible resilience and spirit in getting on with her life after the incident. Tiffany has shared her story to make workers more aware that a workplace incident can have life-long consequences. 13 minutes.

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