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Handbook of work disability : prevention and management

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xxiii, 513 p. ; 26 cm.
New York, N.Y.: Springer Science+Business Media
Addresses the developing field of Work Disability Prevention. Work disability does not only involve occupational disorders originating from the work or at the workplace, but addresses work absenteeism originating from any disorder or accident. This topic has become of primary importance due to the huge compensation costs and health issues involved. For employers it is a unique burden and in many countries compensation is not even linked to the cause of the disorder. In the past twenty years, studies have accumulated which emphasize the social causes of work disability.

Content includes: 1.Sickness Absence and Disability: An International Perspective -- 2.The Work-Disabled Patient -- 3.Work Absenteeism and Productivity Loss at Work -- 4.Measuring the Burden of Work Disability: A Review of Methods, Measurement Issues and Evidence -- 5.The Work Disability Paradigm and Its Public Health Implications / Emile Tompa -- 6.Work Disability Models: Past and Present -- 7.Measurement of Outcomes in WDP: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations and Recommendations for Measuring Outcomes -- 8.Pain, Chronicity, and Disability -- 9.Methodological Issues in Work Disability Prevention Research -- 10.Individual-Level Psychosocial Factors and Work Disability Prevention -- 11.Workplace Issues -- 12.Public Insurance Systems: A Comparison of Cause-Based and Disability-Based Income Support Systems -- 13.The Role and Influence of Care Providers on Work Disability -- 14.Understanding Work Disability Systems and Intervening Upstream -- 15.Tools for Assessing Work Disability -- 16.Predicting Return to Work for Workers with Low-Back Pain -- 17.Mental Health Problems and Mental Disorders: Linked Determinants to Work Participation and Work Functioning -- 18.Cancer Survivorship -- 19.Specific Disorder-Linked Determinants: Traumatic Brain Injury -- 20.Clinical Interventions to Reduce Work Disability in Workers with Musculoskeletal Disorders or Mental Health Problems -- 21.Workplace Interventions -- 22.Sickness and Disability Policy Interventions -- 23.Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions for Prevention of Work Disability -- 24.Informing the Public: Preventing Work Disability and Fostering Behavior Change at the Societal Level -- 25.Return to Work Stakeholders' Perspectives on Work Disability -- 26.Core Components of Return-to-Work Interventions -- 27.Identifying Local Obstacles and Facilitators of Implementation -- 28.Building an International Educational Network in Work Disability Prevention.
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