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Asthma in damp indoor work environments [online]

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169 p.
Helsinki, Finland: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
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Indoor dampness and mold in work environments are associated with adverse respiratory health effects, of which asthma is the most frequently diagnosed disease. This study assessed methods for the diagnosis of occupational asthma induced by indoor dampness and mold. A retrospective analysis of a group of patients examined at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in 1995–2004 was conducted. All of the examined 2200 workers had respiratory symptoms appearing in workplaces with suspected moisture and mold damage. A follow-up survey with a questionnaire was carried out 3–12 years later to determine whether prolonged asthma-like symptoms appearing in relation to workplace dampness and mold lead to the development of asthma later. In addition, the long-term effects on the quality of life and work ability of these workers were evaluated. Finally, for the use of occupational health services, the book presents a suggestion for an individual-level, practical approach to disability prevention for workers with asthma in the workplace
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