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Workplace bullying and harassment elearning [online]

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30 min.
Camberwell, Vic. : Vocam Worldwide Publishing
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Bullying, harassment and violence are all forms of unacceptable behaviour that create a risk to health and safety in the workplace. Employers and employees at all levels are responsible for maintaining a positive, productive working culture, where everyone is teeated with tolerance, dignity and respect. This program is designed to reinforce your organisation's existing bullying and harassment policies. It discusses the various forms of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace, with a focus on the resolution of issues and the fundamental methods for managing the risks. Topics covered include: Unacceptable behaviour; Recognising the signs; Responding to bullying and harassment; Dealing with aggression and violence; and 5 Re-enactments based on actual cases.
Includes quiz questions.
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