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Reducing MSD risk in the aged care sector using multi-factorial evidence-based interventions [online]

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Melbourne, Vic. : La Trobe University
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It is recognised that MSD risk is influenced by a range of hazards, including: physical and psychosocial hazards. Current workplace risk management procedures fail to take account of strong research evidence that the risk of MSDs is affected by a large and diverse range of both physical and psychosocial hazards whose effects often interact. This project aims to address these needs and build on existing research in both priority areas by evaluating the implementation of new risk management procedures that are incorporated within a toolkit that has been designed to: (a) assess risk from all relevant MSD hazards, both physical and psychosocial; (b) identify the subset that are having the greatest impact on MSD risk for each target job; and (c) guide the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions to reduce this risk. Due to it's high claim rates, the residential aged care sector was selected as the focus of this project.
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