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Preventing psychological injury in the workplace presentation [online]

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Adelaide, S. Aust.: Safety Institute of Australia
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This presentation points out that organisational leaders are critical in ensuring a psychological safe work place.  This can be done by:
  • Focusing on embedding the occupational health and safety risk management principles within all levels of the organisation’s business processes, design of work, OHS policies and procedures, people development and management programs.
  • Engaging with stakeholders, consult and communicate with all employees to ensure that the message of psychological safety is consistent across the organisation.
  • Facilitating awareness training for managers on an organisational level on psychosocial hazards and/or risk factors such as job design, change management and successful people management.
  • Making managers accountable for psychological health and safety in their teams and reward performance based on outcomes.
  • Raising awareness on the effect of mental illness on job performance and early intervention on injury that can contribute to psychological injury in their team.
  • Striving continuously to improve organisational culture by promoting a culture free of bulling and harassment with appropriate policies and procedures and early intervention and effective management of interpersonal conflict in the workplace at the earliest opportunity.
  • Providing employees with access to information and support in health and safety and rehabilitation processes.
  • Monitoring the success of intervention programs through data and outcomes so that any development of intervention programs are based on research based evidence and adequate periodic reporting is in place
Presentated at the 2018 South Australian Safety Institute of Australia Symposium: Psychosocial Risk and Safety Culture.
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