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The impact of the Gretley prosecution [online]

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Canberra, A.C.T.: Australian National University
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Critics of the Gretley prosecution claim that it has had dire consequences for the industry. It is said that people are no longer willing to take on positions of responsibility for fear of being prosecuted and younger people are no longer embarking on careers in the industry because of the legal risks involved.

These views about the presumed effects of the prosecution are in stark contrast but they are not inconsistent. It is conceivable that the prosecution could have had the effect of discouraging some people from accepting positions of responsibility and also made those who do occupy those positions more careful.

But is it the case that the prosecutions have discouraged people from accepting positions of responsibility, as industry spokespeople have claimed? And have those in positions of responsibility become more diligent in the management of risks, as the judge intended? The author attempts to provide tentative answers to these questions.
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