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Australian and New Zealand standard industrial classification [online] (ANZSIC)

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Canberra: ABS; Wellington : Statistics NZ
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The Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) has been developed for use in the compilation and analysis of industry statistics in Australia and New Zealand to improve the comparability of industry statistics between the two countries and with the rest of the world.

Divided into ten chapters and three appendices.
Chapter 1 provides information on the purpose of ANZSIC and the previous national classifications.
Chapter 2 provides more detailed information on the classification principles followed in the development of ANZSIC 2006.
Chapter 3 describes the unit of classification.
Chapter 4 describes the methods that should be followed in classifying businesses according to the ANZSIC.
Chapter 5 provides further information on the treatment of certain activities.
Chapter 6 describes the numbering system used in the classification and lists the ANZSIC codes and titles.
Chapter 7 lists the definitions of each of the ANZSIC Divisions.
Chapter 8 provides the full, detailed ANZSIC 2006 classification, with descriptions of all of the ANZSIC classes and a list of primary activities and exclusions for each class.
Chapter 9 includes an alphabetic index of the primary activities identified with the corresponding ANZSIC codes. Correspondences (or concordances) between ANZSIC 2006 and ANZSIC 1993 are shown in
Chapter 10, together with correspondences between ANZSIC 2006 and ISIC Rev. 3.1.
The appendices include information on the Australian and New Zealand units models and the changes from ANZSIC 1993.

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