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Optimising hazard management by workforce engagement and supervision [online]

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x, 79 p. ; 30 cm.
Sudbury, Suffolk, UK: Health and Safety Executive
Electronic resource
This project is the result of a shared concern on how to improve workers’ involvement in hazard management and deal with the lack of skilled workforce in the future.
One of the results of the economic growth in all developed economies is labour shortage, the lack of skilled workers and the aging workforce. Lack of skilled workforce and change to shorter working hours inevitably leads to an erosion of health and safety and/or significant increase in level of training and supervision. This means that the established 'equilibrium' between the level of competence of the workforce and the level of supervision by competent supervisors will be negatively affected. In order to achieve this goal a two pronged approach is proposed:
1. To improve understanding by the workforce of hazard management and thereby facilitate their effective involvement, and
2. To improve the organisation and focus of supervision in order.
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