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[ARCHIVED] WorkCover guidelines for the evaluation of permanent impairment [online]

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Adelaide, S. Aust.: WorkCover SA
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The WorkCover Guidelines for the evaluation of permanent impairment, known as the WorkCover Guidelines, are published under section 43A of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 (the Act) for the purpose of assessing the degree of permanent impairment that arises from a compensable disability in accordance with section 43A of the Act. The focus of the workers compensation legislation is injury management, which aims to assist the worker to recover and return to the workforce and community. These guidelines are intended to ensure an objective, fair and consistent method for evaluating a level of permanent impairment. The Act requires that permanent impairment assessments are made in accordance with the WorkCover Guidelines. Only legally qualified medical practitioners who are trained in the use of the WorkCover Guidelines and are accredited with the Corporation to assess the degree of permanent impairment arising from a compensable disability can undertake permanent impairment assessments. The guidelines apply to the assessment of permanent impairment when a worker’s entitlement to lump sum compensation is being determined, from and after 1 April 2009.
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