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Building bridges [online] : the Jed Millen story video

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Internet only - free access
12 min.
Brisbane, Qld. : Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
Electronic resource
Workplace incidents are life changing for the worker and their family and friends. Jed's accident impacted on his own physical ability to move, his relationships with his wife and children. It ruined him financially. Jed candidly talks about his darkest moments and the struggle to overcome depression and pain. His family shared in the enduring the impacts too - as a wife trying to support her husband, as daughters trying to understand the changes to their father and as a mother distressed at seeing her son’s life quickly unravelling. Jed's incident could have been prevented if the demolition site had been better planned and controlled. Time pressures and work results should always come second to workplace safety. Only a positive change in behaviour can make a difference to workplace health and safety. 12 minutes.
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