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Changing focus [online] : The Gavan McGuane story video

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13 min.
Brisbane, Qld. : Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
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The hospitality industry faces injuries every day. A simple trip on a mat can leave a person with a serious debilitating injury for the rest of their life. Gavan’s story is truly heart-breaking because it could have been prevented. A serious workplace accident changed the course of Gavan's life forever and left him with only 20 per cent vision in one eye. "I think of it all the time. How my children's life would be if they had received the phone call… that I didn't come home from the job sixteen years ago because of a work accident. "I really think that it would have be a horrific thing for my family to hear." Think about what it is you do and don't put yourself at risk just to get something completed five seconds faster than it would have otherwise been. Only a positive change in behaviour can make a difference to workplace safety.
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