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PErforM resource manual for workplace trainers [online] : guidelines for preparing and delivering the PErforM program

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Internet only - free access
Brisbane, Qld. : Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
Electronic resource
Provides guidance on how to implement a participative ergonomics program for reducing musculoskeletal injuries resulting from hazardous manual tasks, specifically the PErforM program (Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks). It provides specific information on the identification, assessment and control of manual tasks risk factors, as well as case studies designed to illustrate how PErforM can be used.

It can be used by managers, occupational health and safety staff and workers. Managers can use the handbook to further understand the benefits of using a participative approach that obtains input from all areas of the workforce when managing manual tasks risks. Occupational health and safety staff, and anyone responsible for managing health and safety
issues, can use the handbook to systematically assess hazardous manual tasks, develop and implement controls, and train workers and contractors in the risk assessment process.
Workers will benefit from participating in the PErforM program by being able to identify risk factors and assist in developing controls that will allow the worker to play an essential role in reducing the risk of injury.
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