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Hair2Heart [online] : health, safety and education for the hairdressing industry

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Noarlunga, S. Aust.: Southern Primary Health
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Research conducted by Southern Primary Health - Noarlunga established that Hairdressers on a daily basis hear a vast range of health and personal concerns from clients. Hairdressers, particularly younger Hairdressers, reported emotions leading them to feel mentally overwhelmed and stressed after listening to a client’s personal issues and health problems. They stated that they often felt that their training or life experience had not prepared them with the necessary coping skills for the complexity of issues they were being asked to face, or respond to. 

By engaging Hairdressers in an educative program, the Hair2Heart project not only provided Hairdressers with the necessary skills and resilience required to reduce workplace stress and burnout, but also to provide appropriate responses and referral information for fellow workers and clients. Using Hairdressing Salons as a health promotion setting also plays a pivotal role in improving mental health for those who do not seek traditional support services, linking them into regional mental health programs and counselling services.
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