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Move more [online] : investigating the impact of behaviour change techniques on break taking behaviour at work

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77 p.
Wigston, Leicestershire : IOSH
Electronic resource
Outlines the findings of a mixed methods study into the break taking behavior of deskbound, office-based staff. In particular, it details objective data on the extent of break taking in this population, and the efficacy of different interventions in supporting an increase in postural break taking behaviours (defined as changing the loading on the body from a sitting to a standing position, for a minimum of 30 seconds).

The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) outlines a number of factors thought to impact on the intention to behave in a certain way, highlighting the gap between intention and behaviour. External prompts or reminders, and the writing of Implementation Intentions (if-then plans) have been used to close this gap for other behaviours in office environments. The study tests the proposition that interventions such as these, designed to convert break-taking intentions into behaviours, should support the taking of more postural breaks.
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