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Health and safety at opencast mines, alluvial mines and quarries [online]

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262 p.
Wellington, N.Z.: WorkSafe New Zealand
Electronic resource
Guidance on health and safety good practice at opencast mines, alluvial mines and quarries. This guide helps assist operators in developing, implementing and maintaining controls to manage hazards commonly associated with surface operations. Content include:
Part A - Introduction
This part of the document gives an introduction, background, and definitions to help you use it. It includes a discussion of what quarries and mines this document applies to, and a guide to the overall practice of hazard management.
Part B - Planning and design
This part of the guide provides guidance for designing safety into mine and quarry operations. It describes in detail how to plan excavations, tips, ponds, dams, roads, and vehicle operating areas.
Part C - Operational safety for mining and quarrying
This part of the document sets out site safety practices for working with explosives, managing ground instability, tipping and dumping material, storing water and tailings, and managing traffic.
Part D - Operational safety for equipment, people, and dealing with emergencies
This part provides guidance for managing machinery, worker health and facilities, site access and security, providing appropriate training, and emergencies.
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