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[ARCHIVED] The role of safety representatives and committees [online].

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Safety and health at work : international conference (Adelaide : 10 - 14 August, 1986)
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Lord Robons identified apathy as the most important single reason for accidents at work.
This paper argues this situation exists because of community attitudes to responsibility which have been picked up and reflected by the immediate participants, including governments.

The paper suggests:
1, every person has some responsibility for occupational health and safety.
2. legislation can be used to spell out these responsibilities and how they might be discharged.
3, long term improvement requires educational programs to raise community expectations and thus standards and to better equip safety representatives and committees in the workplace.

In examining the role of safety representatives and safety committees the paper warns of the danger that the role assigned to safety representatives and committees could reduce rather than enhance the opportunities for acceptance of individual responsibility for occupational health and safety; that conflict rather than a co operation may be the result.
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